Man gets trapped into a snowman and his friends have to call 911 to set him free

The events occurred last Saturday morning at the well-known Westfield Wheaton Mall in Washington, where the Fire and Rescue Service had to go to liberate a young man who had his genitals trapped in a snowman.

Apparently a group of young people were in the mall after an intense snowfall and they came up with the idea of having sex with a snowman and one of them accepted on the condition that he received $20 from each of his friends. But he didn’t have idea that his penis would be trapped in the snow. Following several failures to release the young man’s penis, his friends were afraid to cause a serious damage, so finally they were decided to call the emergency service.

After 15 minutes later the Fire and Rescue Service came to the place. They used a welding torch they achieved to melt the snow and finally set free the young man who was transported to the hospital. “His penis is not in danger and he will be able to use it again. But if he had spent a few more minutes in that situation, he would have suffered a severe freeze that could have caused to lose it”, doctor explained in his emergency department.

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