He goes to the hospital after confusing his first orgasm with a heart attack

Last Saturday a funny incident took place at the emergency department of California. A 42 year old man came to the hospital due to a possible heart attack. After he explained in detail the facts, they realized that he had been an orgasm.

Apparently the man was still a virgin. He met a woman at the best friend’s birthday party, after several hours talking an enjoying he managed to stay alone with her. He was very nervous and he did not know what to do, but after many minutes of indecision, they having sexual relations. A funny thing happened at the moment of orgasm, the man was frightened, cause he started to feel spasm and he came quickly to the hospital thinking he was suffering a heart attack.

“He came so alter and sweaty, he was babbling but when we got to understand his story, we had to keep the laughter. We explained him that what he had felt was a simple orgasm and he promised that it will be the last of his life, because he does not want to feel like that anymore”, doctors explained.

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