Coffins will have to be equipped with a phone inside

A new regulation at the national level will require to mortuary that before burying a deceased, they have to put a telephone inside the coffin and next to the corpse as a precautionary measure.

This regulation will be carrying out after the increase of catalepsy cases. It is believe that in 1% burials, deceased could not be. In addition, the regulation also asks they use a telephone with a long battery life, such as the old Nokia models, because this type of device may last a whole week. It will also be requested that on its memory storage device has a list of emergency contacts and family which the presumed dead could call if he wake up.

The new regulation will come into force on October 1 2018. But there are already known cases of relatives who have begun putting telephones into coffins of their relatives although it has not yet the cases that someone making a phone call.

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