American Airline will force to be billed to children as carry-on bag

The International airline, American Airline had always been known for its crazy ideas such as the passengers can travel on foot, but its new proposal has created controversy among citizens because it is incredible.

This company has submitted a project which it force travelers to bill children as a carry-on bag, as long as their weigh was about 20 kilograms. Surprisingly, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has approved this decision and become effective on June 2018. In the light of a growing concern of parents about what’s going to the children, American Airline issued a statement recently that said: “Only domestic flights will adopt this regulation, it means those flights lasting less than an hour and a half”. At the same way explained “Children will not always have to go in the suitcase, it will also allow that they can travel into the cabin baggage. That will be the decision of each father”.

With this regulation American Airline believes that they could save up to 25% of space on their flights so they could reduce the cost of tickets. Each traveler can be billed a maximum of two children and just a baby, as long as they do not exceed 20 kg and they can fit all in a suitcases.

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