The police detained a pharmacist who spread lice at the schools

The police has detained yesterday afternoon a pharmacist because is an individual alleged to have committed a crime against public health, he was spread lice in different schools in New York.

The police was follow in the footsteps of this man during the last three years that the investigation has lasted. The modus operandi was very easy, He was waiting at the entrance of the school, he was pretending to be a father while the children passed he sprinkled on them a solution infested with lice causing a plague in a few hours. In this way it is calculated that he has been able to infest more than twenty schools on several occasions in recent 3 years.

The reason of this criminal was nothing more than that of increasing the sales of shampoos and anti-lice products at the associated pharmacies; therefore it is believed that he has earned about 3 million dollars. The Department for Health and Social affairs has been in charge of removing the animals from the schools and then leave it in an area without danger, out of the reach of children.

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