He comes home after 3 days and tells his wife that «they were insulated inside the bar because of the coronavirus»

A 57-years-old resident of Murcia, Spain, returned home last Monday, from which he left on Friday afternoon to drink some beers with a couple of friends.

In the afternoon, after finally returning home, his wife, very worried, asked him where he had been. He answered what she would never have imagined. “Baby, don’t tell me anything. I am very angry, they have locked us in the bar for three days. They said we could have the coronavirus. Three barrels of beer we drank, because there was nothing else.”

After informing the police immediately, it seems that the lady has put a suitcase with his husband clothes at the exit door.“Oh, my poor thing, of course, and you didn’t call me on the phone because the saliva is transmitted, right? Well … go to sleep in the street to not infect me», were the literal words of the angry lady.

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