Buys 300 masks on Amazon and refunds them because they came from China

Ramón Perines, a neighbor of Miranda de Ebro, made the news today after returning more than 300 face masks that he had purchased through Amazon.

An order that he made a month ago and that he was looking forward to, so the disappointment was great, seeing where the product came from. According to the buyer, he had not realized that the masks were made in China. He didn’t read the fine print: “I feel cheated, I’m sure they have the Coronavirus. It has Made in China written on it, dammit. It’s a Trump trap». Masks that, despite being made in China, are increasingly sought after.

Amazon has responded to the user that they will return the full amount of their purchase within two days, since it is most likely that the masks are now worth three times more than before. A great business.

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