A group of elderly men is arrested for escaping every night to go to a strip club

It happened at a nursing home of Las Vegas, late last night 5 elderly were taken by surprise in a nearby strip club. After investigation, police found a secret tunnel which they’ve been going out for months.

An employee at the asylum, which prefers remain anonymous, visited last night to the brothel, to his surprise found himself there with a group of elders known to him, “I could not believe it when I saw them, I just went to have some beers with friends, but everyone knew about them, people greeted them joyously and confidently”.

Man alerted immediately to his superiors and they went to the scene, “In addition to picking up the elderly, we researched and found a tunnel that leads directly to the outside from asylum. It looks like our guests have too much vitality, it is not only to party, but for having dug with coffee spoons, it’s impressive”.

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