12 husbands are found in a strip club after getting trapped inside, because of the snow

The discovery took place in Alabama after the last snow fall with which many people have been held incommunicado. Highlighting the case of 12 men of different ages who were trapped inside a brothel and they were taken by their wives after they were forced to divulge their names on local television.

The night started like many others in this well-travelled place but in this occasion it was much longer than usual due to a heavy snow that prevented people leaving the brothel “It was a great night, we had enough customers so the snow was very useful because they did an excessive spending”. The next morning they were still incommunicado, so the owner of this place gave people’s names to a local media to reassure their families about his disappearance.

Men were tired and the announcement of their names on television reassured and altered their women in the same way “I was very happy to know that he was safe and sound, but at the same time I’m so angry with him, he’s a bastard”, another affected woman has commented “I won’t let him back, well he can stay in this dump”.

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