Eating snot during pregnancy increases the chances of green eyes for the baby

It all started as a simple thread in a well-known Spanish forum called «forocoches», where we can read the following question: «If I eat snot, will my children have green eyes?»

The post went viral around the world generating discussion. That’s why, the University of Ohio, decided to study the «viscous mystery», and publish the results in the last month magazine, «Mothers today. They concluded that swallowing snot increases 80% the chances of green eyes for the baby.

In just a few days, a lot of nutritionist doctor, have designed a snot diet for pregnant women . Now the community raises lots of questions such as: «do snot contain gluten?», or ,»If I’m a vegan, can I eat my snot?». Many and reasonable doubts about a new situation for women who want to be mothers

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