Controversy over the new brand of sausages, «sausacock»

The consumer’s office has lodged a complaint against the controversial «salchipene» brand after its arrival in Spain. «Salchipene» means something like «sausacock», a compound word with salchichas y pene (sausage and cock). The chicken sausage has the shape of a huge penis.

The brand defends itself by arguing that its products have passed satisfactorily all sanitary controls imposed by the Spanish authorities in order to sell their products legally. However, the consumer’s office alleges that «salchipenes» are a disgusting product, and wants them out of the children’s sight.

Finally, it must be a Judge who determines if the «Salchipenes» can be sold legally in all Spanish supermarkets as before. «It is a completely legal product and we want to continue selling it, as we are doing, because it is very sucessfully in the Spanish market.»

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