A woman was pretending to be blind for 28 years to avoid social commitments

Carmen Jiménez an inhabitant of the city of Los Angeles, at 57 years of age has confirmed that she was pretend to be blind for long time. This is something what many people suspected.

It all began 28 years ago when she feigned an eye head injury that left her unable of vision, «It was a very scary time for me and my family but has fully supported her» confesses her husband. Actually, she was basically invented that disease because, she says, «I am already sick of the fact that see the people and say hello, I’ve never been very social and posing as a blind avoided many social commitment», she explains.

His relatives and friends have suspected over the years, «Sometimes she appears that she was looking out of the corner of their eye the television and she was always very well made up».
This case, apart from curious, will reach to the courts because Carmen has received important financial aids and personal assistance. It seems that at the end her shyness will pay a high price because Justice isn’t blind.

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