Swimming banned at beach during monthly bleeding because it attracts sharks

Since recent arrival summer season, many are those whom choose beach as a stress-relieving getaway from work’s obligations accumulated in the year. Depending on where, each City Council has an Ordinance with certain prohibitions for better coexistence and the appropriate use of the beaches.

But tourists didn’t expect upon reaching the beach Benalmádena (Málaga) that this had a management system in order to get the best quality. So they placed visible sings in the bathroom areas reporting: “It’s prohibited to swim during monthly bleeding, because can attract sharks”. The prohibition aroused a lot of controversy, both among neighbors and surprised tourists.

“Of course, as if we were leaving a trail, that’s ridiculous. I’m going to swim when i wanted it or they’re going to look who’s wearing a tampon? It is better that they often clean the portable toilets, which is necessary”, it has been some of pertinent comments.

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