A police officer denounces his mother-in-law’s car at least five times and he says he hadn’t noticed

This morning, a 60-year-old woman comes to Dallas police station with a view to requesting to speak with the sheriff, while she was showing 5 parking ticket made less than a month.

“It can’t be, these are unfair parking ticket, step on a little the white line, no putting blinker once or just ran an amber light. Besides, it is always the same police officer, my son-in-law is a policeman in this town and I didn’t want to call, so as not to upset him”. When sheriff checked that this complaint was related with the angry lady’s son-in-law, he understood that it was in no way coincidental if not intentional, so he calling him immediately.

“No way sir, I’m just trying to do my job. It’s just a coincidence that I have denounced my mother-in-law’s car. Plus she said that as long as she had a car, she would go every day at nap time to have coffee at her daughter’s house, that it’s my home” police officer said.

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