He injects his balls’ hair in his moustache and a penis grows on his nose

Alberto, a neighbor of Larneo (Asturias, Spain), is in the news this noon after going to the emergency room, because he had grown a strange lump in his nose that eventually turned out to be a penis. A little penis of about 8 centimeters, that is currently unknown if it can grow more with a nasal erection.

Apparently, the 32-year-old had a complex, because he didn’t have a mustache, so he decided to graft pubic hairs on his nose, with such bad luck that, the nervous system detected it as a genital area and grew a penis

It’s known that Alberto would have traveled to Turkey a few days before to have the graft and according to the doctors, all the way to what his penis belongs to a Turkish citizen: “By the texture and size we can affirm that this penis is not Spanish, and much less Asturian. ”

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