She swallows 15 butterflies to know how it feels to be in love

A 19-year-old girl has been admited in a hospital, to remove 15 butterflies from her stomach, after she had swallowed them in her grandparents’ country house. Apparently the young woman had never felt in love and could not wait any longer.

«I asked my grandmother what it felt like and she told me it was like having butterflies in her stomach,» she told doctors before the intervention. Because the young woman was not very successful with the boys of the town she decided to take a shortcut and experience it directly, so she goes to the the field with her butterfly-hunter, water and a box of stomach medicine.

«If this is to be in love, it is bullshit, I don’t need it, I was ok without it» he told his grandparents before falling to the ground, and before being taken to the nearest hospital.

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