At age 66 he woke up from a coma and decided to «sleep» 1 more year so he could retire

It happened in a hospital of Washington D.C., earlier this week, a man hospitalized for seven years woke up from the coma and confessed something unusual.

«I woke up last year but I heard you say I was 64 years old and I thought, it would be a disgust to work another year until I retire and that’s why I’ve been asleep for another year, so today it’s father’s day. I give the surprise «
They were the literal words of this man before the astonished look of family and medical staff. More astonished he was when they explained that when someone wakes up from the coma, then it takes a year of recovery and rehabilitation, «you are stupid, besides being five years asleep, you have lost another year playing the fool», reproached one of his daughters.

From the hospital, the Labor Inspectorate has been informed in case it would be appropriate to work another year to contribute until retirement.

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