She got 6 stitches in her navel after has sex with her boyfriend in darkness

A couple from Missouri had a night of passion that ended tragically due to an accident during sex. Apparently man mistakenly penetrated his partner through her navel tearing her skin notably.

The event took place last Saturday in Kansas City at 4 a.m when a couple came to Emergency Room. Woman had a kind of tear in her navel. After several hours of surgery doctors were able to suture the wound with 6 stitches “Luckily, my pain ceased and the operation was a success, even so I won’t pardon him, I know we’re too abrupt but can not be so rough and certainly not in bed”.

They explained later that the tearing in her navel was because of his boyfriend’s cock, “I were on top of her, the light was off, I didn’t see anything, so I trusted my instincts, when I noted a hole, I pushed absolutely with all of my strength, I was surprised by how tight, until I heard her screams and I realized my mistake”.

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