He’s discharged from the hospital and asks ambulance driver to throw him back to brothel

Jackson Jones, a 78-year-old resident in Atlantic City, was taken into hospital having a heart attack yesterday morning. So far so good, but when doctor discharged him, Jackson tried to convince the ambulance driver to throw him back to a known brothel from that area rather than go to his home.

Apparently, this man survived the heart attack whereas he was visiting that place and was not ready to end party because he just started to hook up with a girl. Finally, despite Jackson’s insistence, who promised to invite ambulance driver to drink some shots “and anything he wanted”, he had to take a taxi.

“We told him that he had to rest at bed, but not that kind of bed. However, at the insistence about coming back to club, all we could do was deny him the ambulance ride”, commented the doctor has released him. “At the end, It was just a fright and the effects of Viagra was still working, so I just wanted to do was to continue to enjoy, because life’s too short”, the grandpa said.

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