Realizes she has coronavirus, after a week without smelling her husband´s farts

Sonia, a neighbor of Albacete (Spain), discovered yesterday that she was infected with Coronavirus and did so in the most natural and surreal way possible, thanks to her dear husband, who warned her of the danger.

Apparently, the woman had not smelled her husband’s farts for more than a week, something that seemed very strange. “I asked my dear if her stomach was okay, because I hadn’t smelled her farts for a long time. He farts all the time and they are quiet but smell rotten. He was perfect, the one who wasn’t right was me… ”she affirmed.

Sonia had lost her sense of smell due to Covid, and that is why she could not smell farts. But it was those silent gases that alerted her that something was wrong, and for that she will always be grateful to her husband: “If I already loved him a lot, now I love him more. I hope she never stops farting in front of me and they keep smelling so bad, «she said.

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