Marijuana starts growing in a cemetery and some seeds are found in a corpse’s pocket

There are certain people who, when making a will or simply by telling family and friends, leave evidence of the desire to take the most unlikely objects with them to the grave.

What happened this week in a district of Murcia, Spain, has been a clear example of this new trend. A young man went to the cemetery to leave flowers for his late grandmother for the day of his saint and soon he noticed a plant that was sprouting next to a niche. Without hesitation, he required the presence of the gravedigger to inform him that it was marijuana. After the arrival of the Police, the agents, astonished, verified that the plant was sprouting between the sidewalk and a niche so, after the judicial and family authorization, the grave was opened.

«Do not investigate any more, I was the one who put marijuana seeds in his pockets, it was his wish, he wanted to take them to the other world but … it seems that they were born in this one,» commented a close friend of the deceased.

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