Priest failed alcohol test and claimed he «just drank the blood of Christ»

A spanish priest was arrested when he failed an alcohol test in a police control that took place in a road of Mieres, Asturias, because he rated three times the limit allowed.

The priest alleged that it was Resurrection Sunday and that he had officiated the Holy Mass in three of his four rural churches. He explained that he did not drink alcohol but it was ‘just the blood of Christ’ he usually have in these events. Police officers bursted into laughter, but checked with their superiors to see what they could do in such a situation. They finally asked the priest to go out of the car so he could breathe fresh air and clear his head. After half hour they confirmed the priest’s words and left him go without any fine so he could officiate his last mass of the day. ‘We do not have the right to fine this priest. The wine he had was consecrated so it could not count as ordinary alcohol’ said one of the officers.

Still the officers recommended the priest to use alcohol-free wine next time, because it will not be possible to look the other way again.

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