After waking up from coma first thing he did was order another shot

Thomas Carran, 28 Cork, Munster – Ireland, was in a coma for six months, after getting hit in the head while fighting with friends on a weekend party. Doctors diagnosed him as having a severe traumatic brain injury and then induced him a coma until he woke up yesterday.

According to his reaction, he was like just one hour ago from the accident, because after opening his eyes and looking around with amazement he asked if there was more ice left and ordered a shot. His words were ‘seriously, the last one. One more before we leave…’

When the doctors and his own family explained to him that he had been in a coma for six months after the fight he was involved in, Carran started to remember. However after coming back to present time, he insisted on ordering a last shot. Apparently it seemed like if his body and mind were marked with the thoughts and feelings he had the moment of the shock. So to prevent further damages, one of his brothers went to a nearby supermarket and bought some ice, whisky and soda to please the patient.


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