Nightclub DJ beaten up after playing ‘Despacito’ for the tenth time

ZA serious quarrel happened last weekend in a Ibiza nightclub, after a group of heated young men went upstairs towards the D.J. booth for hitting and kicking him.

Security staff could were barely able to cope with the mess and had to call the police that fast enough arrested the four attackers and took them to the station. One of them alleged that the D.J. were all night playing Luis Fonsi’s song ‘Despacito’, and that they have been warning him to stop playing it because they were fed up, but he kept on challenging them. When he got to the 10th time, they could not bear it anymore and went up ‘to beat the crap out of him’.

Despite the police officers understood them, they had to denounce them because as they said ‘you cannot work problems out like that’

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