They remove a cucumber out of his butthole and he says he might have swallowed a seed

A neighbor from Miami was admitted the last night in the Jackson Memorial Hospital, located in Florida, he was afflicte by constipation and severe pain on the anal area. After briefly exploring, doctor proceeded without wasting a minute in the extraction of a cucumber located in that area. The cucumber weighed three pounds; it was the cause of this extremely difficult and painful situation.

Once the anesthetic takes effect, nurses asked about the origin of that vegetable, man didn’t stop to affirm that he had no idea how it had come there, affirming that frequently he ate it for salads and gazpacho,so a little seed grew in his digestive system and thence came the vegetable.

“It must have been that, because I do not use suppositories, therefore neither my doctor can prescribe them because I’m afraid of them”, didn’t stop to explain the patient. On the other hand, the chief doctor that attended him told us that “it is practically impossible that this just can be happening, but in this case if something grew up inside the patient, still he must explain why a condom was inside?».

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