A cleaning cart was confused with a work art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A confusion take place last Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has caused that several visitors admires a cleaning cart about four hours as if it was work of art.

A cleaning worker Matilda P.R, who was doing her job at the gallery room of the museum, received an urgent call and she has been forced to abandon her job. In the rush Matilda left and forgotten her cleaning cart where she was at that moment. The visitors started crowd around the cleaning cart believing that it was another piece of art in the museum. Security guards and the museum staff also came to admire the work. One of the visitors increases his offer to $450.000 to acquire the piece, which described as «the most authentic work I have seen in my life. It represents the crude reality, without nuances». When the next shifts arrived and remove the cart, the visitors already totaled twenty, everybody looked at everybody else with a strange look on their faces and they soon spread throughout the Museum.

Finally, the offer was consequently withdrawn, but given the big impact that it had, The Museum has organized to the next July an exposition named “The Everyday” where shows different common pieces for pleasure and delight of the visitors.

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