New mosquito species discovered that can get you pregnant with a single bite

The Spanish government warn of three cases in Spain of people affected by the so-called «mosquito chirulí», able to make a woman pregnant with just a peck. The cases have been located in Cartagena, Cáceres and Lugo and those affected have been quarantined.

The existence of this mosquito was known at the end of 2016 in Uganda and Kenya, but never before have there been cases outside these countries. It is a mosquito that has mutated and is able to inoculate you a species of sperm that through blood get fertilize the ovum in fertile women (there have never been cases in men). There is information that this mosquito has been responsible for more than 2,000 pregnancies in Africa.

It is unknown how it was possible for the «chirulí mosquito» to reach Spain, but the authorities are already taking the necessary measures to prevent more cases from occurring. An appeal is made to all women of childbearing age who feel the bite of a mosquito to go immediately to their doctor to avoid becoming pregnant

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