He ejaculated over panties on a clothesline and gets 3 neighbors pregnant

The mysterious case of the three women of a town of Seville who are pregnant but denied with total rotundity having maintained sexual relations, not having a partner, has become news.

«Throughout this month, I have treated three women of 27, 45 and 52 years respectively with the same symptoms. When I told her they were pregnant, they laughed, and they denied having any kind of sexual relationship.», was the comment of the emergency doctor to the Judicial Police investigating the case. After the agents check that the three affected resided in the same building, they thinked that was a important clue.

A neighbor, single, usually went up to smoke on the terrace, and after masturbating, ejaculated on the panties that the neighbors tended on the clothesline of the community. «It was not my intention, I cleaned with the panties because they are soft», he commented to the judge after being arrested for a crime against privacy.

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