A sperm survives 2 weeks in the sheets and gets a woman pregnant

The «miracle» happened in Tarragona, Spain. A young couple has discovered that she is pregnant and apparently the «guilty» has been a sperm that resisted alive 2 weeks in the sheets of his bed.

The event has been classified as miraculous due to all the coincidences. First, the couple claims to be virgins at 22 years of age. «We have never had any relationship, it’s true that we have touched the other a little, but not too much». By the way, the day of conception they were not together because he was away on a business trip. When they heard the news they were surprised «it was impossible, I had not been at home, so I thinked the worst», say him.

The young woman give us more information. «A couple of weeks ago I did a job to my boy, and of course, something would fall on the sheets, it seems that one of his sperm could remain alive and get pregnant me». Several scientists have already contacted them to analyze the sperm.

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