Ejected from IKEA after pooping in a bathroom display

Last saturday an unpleasant incident took place in an IKEA shop in London, UK. A client was expelled after being caught defecating in one of the toilets display. The firm decided not to report the incident to the police, but they have denied him the access to any of their facilities forever. The man declared that he was «having a terrible stomachache for 20 minutes. I tried to find a toilet but it was a maze so I could not help but doing it wherever I could»

The whole first floor had to be evacuated due to the strong stench, so the firm estimate about 130.000 € loss. «We are not going to take legal actions against this customer, but we beg him not to visit IKEA any more», said Alfred Thomas, Director of Communications.

The toilet used by this client had to be destroyed and the first floor will remain closed about two weeks, for its decontamination.

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