Discovered that the mosquito really bites with the penis

Until now, it was always believed that the mosquito bites with the beak, however, a study, which has lasted almost 4 years, by a team of scientists from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona have discovered that mosquitoes really bite with their reproductive system.

The study, which has been published in the prestigious journal Nature, has been the result of the study of more than 12,000 mosquitoes with more than 50,000 bites in 120 people, who were tested as volunteers. «We realized that, with what the mosquitoes bite, is the same thing they use to reproduce, so we can say that they really bite with the penis and not with the beak that is what was believed until now,» explained the director of the research .

In addition, researchers have been able to determine that mosquitoes, while sucking blood with their penis, secrete a small amount of semen and that is why they generate a small swelling with their bite.

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