He gets married and none of her friends go to his wedding because he doesn’t call them since he has a girlfriend

Jaime, a 32-year-old from Madrid, was married this Saturday in the town of his girlfriend Mercedes, just as he had promised a few years ago. Villalba de Duero was the chosen place to celebrate the link together with family and friends of the bride. Yes, only of the bride, because the boyfriend’s friends didn’t appear.

It was going to be the happiest day of Jaime’s life, but turned into a bittersweet memory due to the absence of his best friends. More than 25 guests. who decided not to attend their wedding because since he fell in love with his girlfriend, 3 years ago, they never saw her again.

Although it may seem incredible, it is an increasingly common problem at weddings. More and more are the couples, who arrive at the altar alone for having abandoned their friends for years, in which their couple was their only person in the world.

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