The owner of a strip club, goes to Ikea with 34 prostitutes, to try out the beds he was going to buy

One of the businesses that has suffered the most from the consequences of the pandemic, in addition to bars, has been that of hostess clubs. Many have been the owners of these establishments that have closed to make reforms.

Last Thursday, IKEA was again in the news, in this case the one located in Murcia. Spain. In the afternoon, the owner of a strip club appeared along with 34 girls in order to test beds for the acquisition of 40. The exuberant women soon caught the attention of the rest of the clients, being attracted to the sleeping area. «There are a lot of hot girls, so I do like to come to IKEA and not to see glasses, forks and hangers as always,» said several clients.

The wives and girlfriends of the astonished spectators did not think the same thing, «this is a shame, the shameless women doing bed postures, what a lack of respect,» they commented to those responsible for security, who were overwhelmed trying to maintain order.

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