A vagina shaped inflatable slide was removed at a children’s party in Michigan

A Michigan Neighborhood Association has been denounced for put a slide inflatable during Children’s Day celebration, because apparently it was a vagina-shape.

“It was so disgusting to see my children go out and come in through a vagina over and over” a disturbed father explained. Children did not understand what was happening, because just half an hour after placement the inflatable, the Neighborhood Association deflated it and children became sad. The party organizers explained that they rented out the inflatable to an animation company in the city and they didn’t know how it looks like.

The animation company swears that it is just a pirate ship and that it do not resemble to a vagina, “Only perverts can see the resemblance, because it is obviously a pirate slide inflatable”. Even so, Neighborhood Association has requested that the animation company took responsibility and of course return the money.

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