Owner of a strip club is arrested for changing the sign and putting pharmacy

They say that made the law, made the trap, but this event that happened in Cadíz, Spain, has far exceeded the ingenuity as well as the folly of the owner of a strip club.

It was a neighbor who prefers to remain anonymous, the one who called the police to report that a strip club near her home had a new label, «Pharmacy», being a lie and checking how men entered and left the business. Once a police patrol was in place, it was effectively verified that in this establishment an activity was carried out that had nothing to do with pharmacy items, inhabiting half-naked girls and a large number of customers at the bar.

After ordering the immediate closure due to the confinement laws for coronavirus, the owner was arrested and brought to justice, “I have changed the name of the club, the husbands are stressed at home, here the girls take their temperature to see how they are, we are very careful and they wash the sheets every day ”.

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