After spending 3 hours shitting, he had to call an ambulance because his legs went numb

Pooping is a pleasure, but sometimes it can be very dangerous if it lasts too long. Using the phone in the bathroom to entertain yourself helps, but it can also cause your legs to become paralyzed and then you can not move them

Tomás, a 35-year-old spanish, suffered this situation last week. He could thanks to his cell phone he was able to call an ambulance to get him out of the bathroom: «I was watching videos and the time went by very quickly. When I wanted to realize it took 3 hours and I did not feel my legs. No matter how much my brain sent them orders, they did not move.»

To make matters worse, the roll of toilet paper was finished, but luckily for him the poop was already dry after having spent so much time. The ambulance, which arrived 10 minutes after receiving the notice, had to access his home through one of the windows,

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