Man puts 70 fake weed plants on his porch to taunt the police

The event took place in Salem, when a resident, who is known for devote his time to work without having a profession, had come up with a plan: To buy seventy plastic marijuana plants and put in a visible place in his own porch.

He thought: a police helicopter would figure it out and collects evidence to get a warrant and inspect the apartment. Once this step is carried out, he would change plastic plants for real ones, unnoticed. It all happened just like he planned: plastic, helicopter, warrant, break-in and also taunt which police were obliged to face, “What’s wrong? Can’t I collect plastic plants?” Thereafter, he followed through with his plan; he changed the false plants for the true ones, while he greeted police flying over the area.

The only thing he didn’t anticipate was the current photos that showed fertilizers and a watering can. And that’s how he was arrested and presented before a judge. Now he is who face the taunt, “Oh, I thought I saw a pretty little plastic watering can”.

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