New Tobacco Act: One in ten box of cigarette will come empty

New Tobacco Act: One in ten box of cigarette will come empty

United States Department of Health and Human Services is working towards to help reduce tobacco consumption by 10%, in order to improve the health and quality of citizens. Thus far, the only measure has been to increase the price of tobacco by increasing taxes of these. It actually worked for a bit, but now the price isn’t a value that discourages smokers.

“We can’t increase higher still the value of tobacco, that’s too high and we don’t want to impose” explains the spokesman for the Department of Health. “Leave empty one in ten box of cigarette is the best preventive measure which we can take. Then, we will reach the goal to reduce its consumption by 10%”. The only problem is that consumers know the difference between the two boxes, due to by the weight.

In order to offset this disadvantage, the Department of Health thinks to fill the empty boxes with wax crayons or chocolate cigarettes. “Those who buy one of these cigarettes, instead of getting angry, could be happy because they can enjoy a delightful chocolate or have some wax crayons to entertain children”.

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