It will be prohibited to name children with the same name as their parents

A newsflash has arrived today, as of January 2019 it will be prohibited to register children with the same name as their parents.

As everyone knows, it is a particularly well-utilized practice name children as one of their parents. According to official information, there are more than 300 children a day who are registered with the same name of either of their parents, “We know that is something very typical, but it causes some serious problems in the management of social services. This is why we are going to establish this new law as of 2019”.

The reaction to this news was not long in coming on social networks and some users are providing solutions to avoid this law, “My name is Peter and my son is going to be called Peter, fuck, so I will register him as Peter Jr., let’s see if they dare to reject it”, even an user wanted to be a little more original, “So, if they don’t want that names are the same, we will think a similar one. In my case, my name is Melanie and I’m going to call my daughter Melly, damn the system”.

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