A woman who suffered an accident refused to go to the hospital because she was wearing the ugliest panties she’s ever had

The event took place this morning in the heart of Orem, Utah, when 911 got several calls reporting a traffic accident between two cars that left at least one person wounded. Moments after the police showed up there as well as an ambulance. After they get the girl off who was driving one of the cars and being immobilized on a stretcher, she said between sobs.

“No, no, no, not to the hospital. God, this is so embarrassing, I’m wearing the ugliest panties I’d ever had. I’m so unlucky! No, no, no, not to the hospital. Please take me home or I’m getting off of this stretcher.”

The police and doctors were surprised but they reined their laughter. Then a female police officer has reassured girl and explained that only doctors would examine possible injuries around her cervical area and nothing from her waist down. Well, she’s calmed down and she has agreed to go to the hospital even though she’s been wearing a flesh-colored panty.

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